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Listen - All of our floor exercise music is available to hear from the first note to the last.  As the floor music changes and usually builds throughout the track, you need to hear the entire track, not just a few seconds……so, listen away.  The only thing you will hear in addition to the floor exercise music is an occasional voiceover that is removed when you purchase the MP3 file.  Suggestion: listen to as many tracks as you need to so you make the best choice for you and your routine.  And remember – your coach’s advice is very important when selecting what’s the best floor exercise music for your routine!

Choose - Well, that’s a personal thing  you can always ask others for their advice.  Remember, you are unique, your floor exercise routine is unique to you, and your music should be the same, and that’s what you will find at Just Floorex, unique, original music that we hope you will like.  Of course, your coach is the best guide to making a final selection, so a suggestion….play the music you like for your coach before you buy!

Order - Ordering is the simple part.  Once you have selected your floor exercise music, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, and follow the prompts.  Once you have paid for your floor music, a download link will pop up, click, and you have your MP3 file, ready to use.

Legal - The good news is all of our music is original, so no need to worry about copyrighting and legal issues, etc.  The only thing we ask is that when you buy our floor exercise music that you only use it for your own floor exercise routine. 

Formats – All of our floor exercise music is available as downloadable MP3s.  We do not ship CDs. 

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